A starry introduction to AN UNINTERRUPTED VIEW OF THE SKY!

I am over the moon to share the first reviews for my new YA. First, there was the excellent Booklist review, where the journal’s cover is a full-frame image of my book cover. Isn’t it stunning?

And then came three starred reviews! First, from Kirkus, who calls the historical novel “riveting”. Next came School Library Journal, who says:

“Themes of poverty, social injustice based on ethnicity, violence toward women, coming-of-age, romantic love, and a sliver of precarious hope are woven into the plot.  This poetic, historical novel is an important addition to libraries given its focus on the consequences of U.S. involvement in Bolivian politics.”

Publishers Weekly chimes in with the third starred review, writing:

“Crowder delivers a disturbing portrait of innocent families trapped in corrupt systems, as well as a testament to the strength of enduring cultural traditions and the possibility of finding family in the unlikeliest places.”

And finally, RT Reviews gives An Uninterrupted View of the Sky its coveted *five star gold* rating, declaring:

“There are writers and then there is Melanie Crowder, who advances the art form to such a degree that when you reach the last page you can only hope that she will bless you with another literary masterpiece. Her young adult novel is raw, gripping, poetic and bold as it tackles the lingering impact of colonialism in South America’s poorest country and America’s unscrupulous War on Drugs in the region. Crowder takes you on an emotional pilgrimage that you won’t want to end.”


Thank you, all, for so enthusiastically welcoming this book that means so very much to me!

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