school visits

I love interacting with readers of all ages! With over ten years as a public school educator, I appreciate all that you do (THANK YOU!) and look forward to the opportunity to bring a day of inspiration, motivation, and bookish engagement to your students.

Full Day Program: $2,000 + flight cost*

Includes book signing & lunch with students or faculty + 3 of any combination of the following 45 minute presentations: assembly, Q&A, or workshop. To schedule a visit, please contact me

Now booking for Spring & Fall 2020!

I currently offer several presentations for grades 3-12, including:

The Writing Life

Best for: all ages

This assembly presentation is an inspirational look at the winding path that led me here, the stories behind the books that I’ve chosen (or have chosen me!), a call for students to see the value in their own story, and a challenge to use that unique perspective and singular voice for good.

AUDACITY: a closer look

Best for: grades 6-12

This presentation offers a behind-the-scenes look at the astonishing person and the complex history that inspired AUDACITY, a National Jewish Book Award finalist and winner of the Jefferson Cup. I’ll invite students to join me as I recount the journey from drafting, research, interviews, and revisions to the finished book.

Revise, revise, and then revise again!

Best for: Grades 5-10

This presentation begins with a confession: When I was a young writer, I avoided revision, AT ALL COSTS! I then share with students how much I rely on that very thing as a professional writer today. I use the timeline of a recent novel to outline the crucial role revision plays in my writing process, and to encourage students to incorporate revision into their own work.

Cultivating Awe

Best for: Grades 3-7

The world around us is anything but ordinary. With a pinch of imagination, and a heaping dose of awe, the smallest things become extraordinary. In this presentation, I look at my three speculative fiction titles: A NEARER MOON, THE LIGHTHOUSE BETWEEN THE WORLDS, and A WAY BETWEEN WORLDS, the inspiration behind the stories, worldbuilding, and the very real-world emotions and circumstances that ground these fantastical stories.

Figurative Language in THREE PENNIES

Best for: grades 3-7

I loved writing this book more than should be allowed for something classified as “work”! A huge part of the fun was the many kinds of figurative language I used to tell this one-of-a-kind story, something I love to share with students.

Local rates:

Full Day Program: (within 3 hours’ drive of Golden, CO only)

Includes 3 of any combination of the presentations described above + book signing & lunch with students or faculty: $1,000 + hotel cost**

Half Day Program: (within 60 miles of Golden, CO only)

One of the above presentations + Q&A + book signing: $500***

Virtual Visits:

I offer a limited number of FREE 15 min. Skype visits with classrooms who have read at least one of my books.

45 min. Skype presentation: $250

those pesky asterisks

*this cost includes the author’s choice of flights plus travel insurance because although exceedingly rare, things like snow days and bouts of bronchitis do happen!

**if needed; depending on school day schedule, usually only one nights’ hotel stay is required, before the day of the presentation

***to be scheduled between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm to allow for travel and traffic.