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Being Wendy

  The story that follows is an excerpt from a keynote speech I delivered recently at a book festival.   A new study released in January demonstrates that as early as 6 years old, girls’ perception of their own gender’s intelligence shifts; all that subliminal […]

A starry introduction to AN UNINTERRUPTED VIEW OF THE SKY!

I am over the moon to share the first reviews for my new YA. First, there was the excellent Booklist review, where the journal’s cover is a full-frame image of my book cover. Isn’t it stunning? And then came three starred reviews! First, from Kirkus, who calls […]

It’s a star!

Many thanks to School Library Journal for this lovely starred review of Three Pennies!


Some of my favorite parts:

“The language of this short and intense story is spare and evocative, and the chapters are brief and impressionistic.”


“This tender tale of human frailty tugs at heartstrings and will satisfy tweens who like to read with a tissue handy.”

Maybe I should add in a mini-pack of tissues for all preorders?

Happy reading, friends!

A Kirkus star for Three Pennies!

ARCs are out in the world, which means reviews are on their way in… The first review for THREE PENNIES is a wonderful one—a star from Kirkus! I won’t share the whole text here because, of course, spoilers. But the last line is my favorite. […]


  We have a cover! I am always so grateful for the many, many hours the design and editorial teams spend to carefully wrap my words in an artistic rendering of what lies within. So very grateful! For a book description and preorder links, click here: AN […]

THREE PENNIES has a cover!



I love it! Isn’t it fantastic?

Here’s the panorama of the whole jacket:



Feeling very fortunate over here to have such a thoughtful editorial and design team at Atheneum making these gorgeous covers for my books!

For more about Three Pennies, including release date and preorder links, click here.

Or to add Three Pennies to your Goodreads list, click here.

Thanks for taking a look & happy reading!

AUDACITY is a National Jewish Book Awards Finalist!

I admit, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. You write a book, you research and research and research and you wring your hands, hoping you are able to bring honor to the person, and to the life that has inspired you, that is your story’s subject. […]

Introducing A Nearer Moon–with a star!

I’m so pleased to tell you all about my newest book! It’s a middle grade this time, and a fantasy story–my first! Just today, Kirkus posted their *starred* review online and I couldn’t be more excited by what they have to say: This lyrical story has a […]

Off to a starry start!


Galleys of AUDACITY are out in the world, and the first two trade reviews are in!

* Readers hear Clara’s strong, clear voice in action-packed verses that convey with intense emotion her conflicts and conviction, her deepest thoughts and her doubts and triumphs. Crowder breathes life into a world long past … Compelling, powerful and unforgettable. Kirkus (Starred Review)

* The verse form of the narrative lends lightness to an otherwise bleak topic and moves the story along quickly, while artful formatting of the text creates and sustains mood. This book stands alone in its topic and time frame … With historical notes, interviews with Clara’s family members, and a glossary of Yiddish terms, Audacity is an impactful addition to any historical fiction collection. School Library Journal (Starred Review)

Thank you, Kirkus and SLJ!

[ETA: and a third star, too, this time from BCCB!]

In graceful, affecting poetry, Clara shares an internal monologue, relating her early years in a Russian shtetl as the hardworking daughter, helping to keep the household running while her father and brothers pursue religious study … When the concepts of socialism and unionization ignite her spirit, she takes to the union hall and picket lines, fighting to convince other young women in her situation to join the battle and ultimately seeing some measure of success in sparking a general strike. Crowder does an outstanding job of limning Clara’s inner struggles… Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (Starred Review)


Book Release!

  The last time you all heard from me, I was busy planning. Planning my blog tour, planning my book release, planning my launch party. I was so busy with promotion and all that, well, planning, that I stopped even trying to write. More on […]