photo credit: Tiffany Crowder

I have to do a report for school. Help! 

I’m so glad you’re digging into stories and their creators–and honored that you chose me! Here are some interviews I’ve given about some of my books that may be helpful:

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THE LIGHTHOUSE BETWEEN THE WORLDS: Kate Hannigan, MG Book Village, Kidlit 411

A NEARER MOON: Project Mayhem, Kirkus, Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire

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But there aren’t many details about you in those interviews…

What a keen eye you have! Admittedly, I am a private person. I have wonderful friends & family and a comfy home; I like to keep those things to myself. Here are three things you may not find in my interviews:

I miss the ocean.

I have a cat. I call her Cleo. My kids call her Coco Bean. She doesn’t really answer to either. She’s a cat.

If I’m not dreaming up a book, I’m probably on my bike. More than likely, I’m doing both.

What is your favorite part of the writing process?

There are these moments when your ideas and inspiration all pile up and the story’s potential is this ever-expanding, all-encompassing thing. It is a humbling and awesome vision of pure creative energy. Of course, authors are mortal, so we never do capture that perfection on the page. But trust me, we do our best!

What is your favorite part of the publishing process?

Cover time! I have to consciously clear my head of any preconceived ideas I may have had about what my cover might look like so I am ready to be bowled over by what the design team comes up with. It’s so much fun. And, let’s be honest, I have gotten some pretty amazing covers for my books. Lucky me.